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Before coming to Atlantic Coast Chiropractic, I did not believe that chiropractic could help me due to experiences I had in the past. I was in excruciating pain, suffering with migraine headaches multiple times per week, my neck hurt, and shoulders were stiff to the point that I could not sleep comfortably. I was unable to do many workouts in the gym that I wanted to. After one treatment with Dr. Anthony, I felt a thousand times better. I could actually move my neck! Dr. Anthony and his staff do not treat you like you are just another patient, they truly care about your well being. Dr. Anthony has helped me tremendously in such a short time. I can sleep, my stress level has gone down, and my migraines have decreased dramatically. Dr. Anthony does not just adjust you and send you out the door like most places. He has multiple ways of treating and curing your pain. I am so glad I found this office!

--Sandy T

I thought for a long time that I should not go to a chiropractor that I should see only MD's.  I have had low back pain most of my adult life.  Then about four years ago my neck started giving me a major problem.  When I looked down, my head and neck would become very painful and I could not straighten it without pushing my head back with my hand.  I had x-rays, MRI, saw my medical doctor and had PT, then neurosurgeon and pain management with no relief.  So I looked in Yellow Pages for a chiropractor who worked on necks and I found Dr. Anthony, who has done wonders for my neck.  I am more comfortable and sleep better at night.  The best improvement is that my neck feels stronger and it doesn't get in a fixed position now.  I know chiropractic is very beneficial to one's ability to function.  I often tell anyone who is having discomfort what chiropractic has done for me.  I look forward to going to have a treatment each week not just because Dr. Anthony has helped me so much but also because they are so friendly.  The staff are like family!

--Helen B

 I started seeing Dr. Anthony after 3 years of unbelievably frustrating, undiagnosed shoulder pain. I told him what I was dealing with and he really seemed to have a grasp on my problem. He performed the Graston technique and gave me a feeling that I was on a path to recovery. He recommended stretches and natural treatments, as compared to pills and a life of pain offered by my other doctors. I live in Massachusetts and it took me a while to find a doctor with his passion and level of knowledge. I believe that chronic pain should be dealt with practively and it appears to me the Dr. Anthony has the same beliefs. Thank you Dr. Anthony for putting me on a path to recovery and hope.

--Keith S

general_testimonials.jpgMy C1 was out of alignment and I learned that it can cause vertigo and nausea - which I am sensitive to, for example I have terrible motion sickness.  I decided to come to Dr. Anthony because 3 of my friends highly recommended him and he fixed my alignment issues.  I've made eight flights since and did not experience motion sickness!  I'm impressed with the warmth and competence of Dr. Anthony's practice.  He practices holistic health; he is good at integrating health, diet, exercise, and well-being.

-Sonya R

When I began under Dr. Anthony's care I had severe sciatic pains from a herniated lumbar disc. Chiropractic was my last resort. Shortly after beginning care, I quite taking my muscle relaxors and nerve repair medications due to the progress with Dr. Anthony. I enjoy therapy that is refreshing and doesn't cause pain to be effective. The time that Dr. Anthony takes to manipulate my body, as well as talk to me about how I feel presently, has definitely been the key to my recovery. I now believe that chiropractic is more effective and comprehensive than traditional medicine for pain resolution.

--Kristie S

Even though I had seen multiple chiropractors in the past, I still had some chronic problems, suffering with upper back spasms. This problem has been going on for nearly 8 years. Since Dr. Anthony treated me with the Graston Technique I haven't had any more symptoms and am looking forward to getting back into the gym. I can now see how chiropractic care is terrific for posture, chronic pains, and an overall sense of well-being.

-Jason H


Upon attending this office I walked with a heavy limp, right hip pain, neck, back and shoulder pain on both sides.  Now, I have a slight soreness in right hip, no neck, back or shoulder pains at all.  I am walking almost limp free.  I would not trade in my chiropractic experience for anything.  I even had considered surgery on the right hip and shoulder prior to my chiropractic experience.  My overall health has improved since I am able to exercise now and my weight has gone down.  I love it.  I will continue it as long as necessary!

---Jereline S

I suffered form lower back pain for about ten years.  This was a result of a fall from a ladder.  Dr. A was quick to explain my options, diagnose the problem and begin correcting it.  Since seeing Dr. A, I have been pain free.  My back does not hurt and my mobility has greatly improved.  I completely believe in chiropractic.  This is because of my experience with this office.  Thanks for your help and care!

---Scott H

When I first came in I was experiencing a lot of pain and my muscles were very sore.  I had headaches and problems focusing to the point I couldn't function - so bad in fact people were thinking I may have nerve damage and should see a neurologist.  So, basically I had whiplash.  Ever since I started coming here - I've experienced massive improvement.  My headaches are now nonexistant.  I can focus again!  I am able to function without any setbacks.  It means so much to me to know I am in good hands - I trust Dr. Anthony more than anyone I know.  I love coming to see him and his lovely staff.  I have a more positive view on life - I am encouraged to live healthier.  I am fully confident that chiropractic is the way to go.  Dr. Giacalone is the BEST!  Never known a doctor until now that genuinely cares and takes the time to make a tremendous positive impact in people's lives.

---Courtney P

When I first came to this office, I was taking up to 6 -8 pain pills a day.  I have spinal stenosis and have been living with back and hip pain for years.  I had a "pain blocker" shot that made things worse and my previous doctor had told me that chiropractic would do me no good.  Dr. A told me that he couldn't do any thing for the stenosis, but would help with the pain that I had been having.  After just a few treatments, I am no longer a slave to pain pills.  I have noticed that even with the spinal stenosis, I am able to walk up stairs with a lot less pain and the muscle spasms caused by the "pain shot" have lessened considerably.  I think that Dr. A is wonderful as well as the chiropractic treatments.  Chiropractic helped me so much, that my mom saw the change and now she is getting relief, through chiropractic from neck and shoulder pain.

---Wanda D

Dr. Anthony and his staff are wonderful and very pleasant and polite.  My neck could never be adjusted by a previous chiropractor I went to - he was rough on me.  But Dr. Anthony was able to put me in traction, which worked wonderfully to help correct the curvature of my neck.  I am seldom in neck pain now.  I almost never catch a cold or virus or flu.  I am very seldom sick even though I work around sick children all the time.  I love chiropractic as long as Dr. Anthony is doing it.  I am so thankful for Dr. Anthony and his way of doing chiropractic - he has helped me immensely and I don't know what I would do without him and his help.
--Carole H

When initially starting care with Dr. Anthony, I was experiencing problems with pain, stiffnesss, and limited range of motion in my shoulder. I wasn't sure how much improvement I would get since I had undergone a rotator cuff surgery and physical therapy. My treatments with Dr. A focused on breaking up scar tissue and improving range of motion, which greatly imporoved my quality of life. Dr. A is so patient and knowledgeable. i appreciate how well he explains things and teaches me to do things correctly. The office staff are very friendly and helpful. I am very pleased with my progress and would recommend anyone to Atlantic Coast Chiropractic.

--Doris S

I had never been to a chiropractor before. As a young woman I was diagnosed with scoliosis and told there was nothing to be done. Since then, I have experienced chronic, extreme pains in my left hip without relief. I finally decided to see a chiropractor. Pains that I have had for over 30 years were almost non existent after just a few weeks of treatment. Not only are my pains gone, but I sleep better, feel stronger, and have more energy. Dr. Anthony takes the time needed to make a difference. 

--Rose G

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